An addiction…

17 Aug

I have this little problem, see.

I grew up in a lot of small towns, and bookstores selling new books were something of a rarity.  Even if they existed, the selection left something to be desired.  So, take a moment to picture that inner child, only relocate me some 6,000 miles smack into the middle of a HUGE city, put money in my pocket, and surround me with books.  New cookbooks.  A whole case of cookbooks. In English, even. With big, bright, shiny pictures of ALL the food.

My very first cookbook was the Joy of Cooking, an edition probably from the ’60s or ’70s–you know, with the white cover and the red ribbon, heavy enough to be used as a blunt weapon and featuring exactly no photographs and a few simple drawings.  I was regularly using a biscuit recipe out of that volume right up until I no longer had an oven to call my own.  Still, with modern cookbooks being as they are, I get a little over-excited about fantastic food photography and it shows.

These days, I have to more-or-less restrict my bookstore visits or else I walk out with another (expensive! pretty!) cookbook.  I’ve even bought one I was particularly lusting after online since it didn’t stand a chance of making it to the import circuit here.  This isn’t even counting the ones I collected back in the US, which are still sitting in a box somewhere awaiting my eventual return or relocation to someplace it makes sense to ship them to.  In the interests of reserving any space at all on top of my refrigerator, where this collection has made their home, I really ought to stop.

(But I won’t.)

Here’s the thing, these books are all amazing and I want to share recipes from them and ideas they’ve given me.  Also, I’m living in a really awesome city with a variety of great food.  So, about once every week or two, I’m going to try to review something–one recipe from one of these cookbooks I’ve collected over the years, or perhaps a Seoul restaurant if I get the chance to try something new.  Even if I’m fairly sure this will somehow just encourage me to visit the bookstore more often and buy more.


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