Adventures of an expat foodie, more or less.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the US with a wealth of cuisines jostling for attention on a daily basis, ended up on the East Coast for uni, the Gulf Coast afterwards, and have been living in Seoul, South Korea since 2008.  As a child and teen, I suffered from the firm belief that I was utterly incapable of cooking, and could probably set water on fire if left unattended. This didn’t stop me from eating everything that crossed my path, of course. I had the good fortune to enjoy an excellent cafeteria at my university, which introduced me to some culinary ideas I’d never encountered before, though the tragic dearth of proper Mexican food in western New York occasionally left me pining–come on, I grew up surrounded by tamales and mole sauce, can you blame me?  It took a few more years, living on my own, and getting horrendously sick of boxed pasta mix concoctions before I began to experiment with cooking for myself, and discovered I loved it.  Still, I didn’t think too seriously on it until I kept getting requests to cook for friends, family, and acquaintances at various events.

Since that time, I’ve catered for banquets, cooked for an elderly couple with specialized dietary needs, and moved to Korea, where my first kitchen consisted of a one-burner camp stove and the only counter was the top of my 3/4-height fridge.  Thankfully, my current kitchen is a step up from that.  I had to learn a range of new ingredients based on what was available locally, experiment with Korean staples to come up with blends that suit my taste, and generally practice a lot of fusion between the various influences I’ve been exposed to.

I believe in healthy eating–eliminating a lot of excessively processed ingredients and additives without sacrificing taste or ease of preparation.  I don’t personally identify as vegan or vegetarian, but I do cook a number of things that fall into those categories, and I don’t believe a meal needs to contain meat to be complete.  I’m also currently on a low-carb diet (on which I’ve lost 25 lbs in 3 months!) so my recipe selection will likely reflect that.

Other things I enjoy include reading fantasy and sci fi novels, being a language geek, spending time at home with my 2 cats, unabashedly wallpapering my flat with posters of Korean boybands, and playing assorted old-school video games. I am totally a mature and responsible adult, and anyone who suggests otherwise is obviously a lying liarpants.

Though I’m currently working full-time teaching English as a second language to schoolchildren here, I’ll try and keep this updated fairly often, with recipes, food-related adventures in Seoul, and other culinary odds and ends.

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  1. ㅡㅠㅑ52ㅈ at 12:47 pm #

    I love your category names 🙂

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